Access to decent housing is a right that must be guaranteed to all people, as it is a key element in the process of social integration and a place from which to create and develop a life project. In this sense, migrants are one of the population groups with the greatest difficulty in accessing housing (high rental prices, scarce public housing supply, conditions of access to housing, legal and/or employment instability, prejudice and discrimination) and with few opportunities for the development of their life project.

València Acull believes that the migrant population must have access to decent housing with guarantees. To this end, we carry out different services and actions that seek to prevent homelessness, make possible their residential stability and the development of the other spheres of life.

One of the key elements in the process of social integration of migrants is their residential integration. Indeed, housing in our cities is, for all people, the basis or starting point from which "public life" and participation in society will take place (it influences, for example, the possibility of accessing existing educational, social, health and even leisure facilities). In this sense, in order for migrants to be able to develop their life project with a minimum of autonomy, one of the first basic and urgent needs to be resolved is their accommodation in decent housing.

The aim of this project is to promote access to housing for the migrant population, through different services and information, mediation and awareness-raising actions for the Valencian population.

  • Information and advice on access to housing.
  • Support in applying for rental subsidies.
  • Legal advice and social mediation.
  • Awareness-raising conferences and/or activities.
  • Collaboration with the Municipal Social Services Centres and other social resources in the city.

Access to Housing Programme

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Contact : C/ San Juan Bosco, 10. 46019 València.

Telephone: 96 366 01 68