Teatro Funtun

The group FUNTUN de Sensibilización is an artistic creation collective. Its aim is to actively participate in social transformation with scenic proposals against which people of different nationalities converge where they pour their reflections, critical ways of conceiving coexistence in a multicultural city, which transits to interculturality. Our proposals in learning, where we seek reflection and awareness of the different nuances surrounding migration, the main objective being to contribute to the transformation towards a more just and equitable society, where diversity is recognised as part of its richness, with the participation and creative contribution of the migrant community.
This project began in 2013, and has been nine years of uninterrupted work in which, year after year, the techniques and proposals generated have been refined. These representations are in charge of people who have lived this in the flesh, who star in their own experiences and those of others, all these products are of collective creation, generating with this methodology the activities that will serve for social construction. We know that empathy through human contact is vital in this process, which is why activities such as: the human library, monologues, plays, among others, will have a great impact by using these social theatre techniques to raise awareness and denounce the migratory situation, racism and xenophobia.
In this way, FUNTUN works on artistic formats, social content through methodologies that fulfil a two-way educational function, providing society with the result of the reflection of a vulnerable group and at the same time generating spaces for participation in society.

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