Fundraising activities are a necessary task for the maintenance of the association's support and projects.

At Valencia Acoge we have a group of volunteers who organise activities to publicise the association, increase the social base, raise awareness of immigration issues and raise funds for the association. The group is in charge of merchandising, selling t-shirts, bags, etc.

It is very important to have one's own funding, as the association often finds it necessary to carry out tasks or actions that involve costs and that cannot be subsidised - participating in campaigns, supporting people in extremely difficult situations, etc. Having our own funds also means survival in difficult times, when there are no subsidies or they are received late. It means that we are a little stronger and more independent.

We have activities that we repeat every year, such as the solidarity auction of favours, where people bid for offers - classes, activities, stays, dinners, etc. - concerts, raffle or lottery. People close to Valencia Acoge organise solidarity dinners in their homes, the guests pay for their dinner to Valencia Acoge, which provides the cook or a theatrical or musical performance. We hold art auctions, workshops and talks.

There is always a need for new ideas and people who want to participate in the group. We do not meet on a regular basis, depending on the needs, and we tend to work autonomously.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Carolyn by phone on 665519878 or by mail by filling in the form below.