The information and social orientation programme is designed as a specific service, aimed at immigrants living in Valencia, within the framework of the right to access to general social services recognised by legislation with the aim of promoting and facilitating the integration of immigrants in our city.

The programme of information and social orientation is constituted in Valencia Acoge as the space of reception, from which general information and orientation is provided as well as facilitating access to the rest of the programmes of the association and other resources. It is also the information point for all the association's activities.

Basic activities of the Programme
The information and social orientation programme is based on:
- A service of information and social orientation, from which a space of welcome and general information is offered, as well as referral if necessary to the appropriate programme and professional from both the Association and other resources.
- Initial legal information (documents and requirements), in matters of foreigners and referral to the Legal Advice programme.
- Information, guidance and advice in cases of discrimination due to racial or ethnic origin.


Opening hours

- Mornings: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 H

- Afternoons: Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00 H

 Contact: Headquarters of Valencia Acoge at C/ San Juan Bosco, 10. 46019 Valencia. Telephone: 96 366 01 68  Fax: 96 329 40 92.


Requirements: Non-EU immigrants without resources.