Knowing the languages of the host society facilitates personal relations and the social inclusion of migrants. In addition, knowledge of the native languages is a requirement in various processes such as social rooting or obtaining nationality by residence.

From the area of Language Learning we want to facilitate the social and labour integration of migrant adults and the exercise of their citizenship rights through language training and workshops and activities in contexts of cultural diversity.

Our classes are aimed at the adult migrant population in general, regardless of their administrative status.

To access the activities, it is necessary to register at the association, requesting an appointment at the office in Avenida Constitución 254 or by calling 963660168. Entry to the classes is subject to the existence of places at the time of application.


  • Spanish classes: Literacy, A1, A2, B1.
  • Preparation for the DELE A2 exam to obtain nationality by residence.
  • Beginner level Valencian classes. Introduction to Valencian language and culture.
  • Digital literacy workshops: Basic computer literacy and electronic certificate.
  • Cultural activities.

Opening hours: By appointment.

Contact: Avda. Constitución 254 Bajo Izq. 46019 Valencia. Tel: 96 366 01 68