You can make your personal contribution to help us in our project in different ways, not only financially.

In Valencia acoge we offer you the possibility to help us and be part of our project in three different ways:

    • Legacy and heritage.

      The inheritance is the total of assets, rights and obligations that remain after the death of a person and is divided into three equal parts, the legacy concerns one of these parts of the estate that does not necessarily correspond to the forced heirs and consists of attributing a specific asset or a cash amount to one or more persons or institutions.

    • Donations.

      If you wish to collaborate financially with the association's projects, you can make a donation by bank transfer to the following account:

      ES06 3159-0037-17-2069349625   (CAIXA POPULAR).

      You can also make a donation via Paypal. Donate now!

    • Fundraising activities.

      At Valencia Acoge we have a group of volunteers who organise activities to raise awareness of the association, increase the social base, raise awareness of immigration issues and raise funds for the association. The group is in charge of merchandising, selling t-shirts, bags, etc.