The way to participate with Valencia Acoge is through volunteering, it is the fundamental essence and the main driving force of Valencia Acoge, as a space for participation and action of civil society, volunteers participate in all the activities developed by the association.

Every year more than 150 people collaborate in different spaces and work groups, being together with the members the real social base of the organisation.

Every year Valencia Acoge offers specific training to its volunteers through a course on immigration and interculturality.

Normally we work in teams, but there is a role for you if you are a person who is clear about what you want to offer, and prefer to present the idea to the association and take charge of its organisation and - music workshops, organisation of theatre or sport activities, production of a newsletter, translations, accompaniment to hospitals etc. And there is always a need for people who are willing to help with the administrative work.

You can also take an active part in advocacy, denouncing and demanding rights. Valencia Acoge is very involved in the Campaign for the Closure of CIEs. We also participate in campaigns to strengthen our sector, we are part of the Red Acoge and the Mesa de Entidades. We are involved in the struggle for human rights and better opportunities for immigrants in Valencia.

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